Gemini Personality

Know more about Gemini personality. Find out Gemini personality traits and characteristics of both men and women here.

Gemini Personality

The third astrological sign, Gemini, symbolizes the duality of the two components of the universe, the horizontal and vertical component that is the universal union of man and woman. If you really need to know anything about what Geminis actually are like, then who better to ask than an individual born under this sun-sign. Yes, they love talking and talking and just talking. Extremely interactive and make friends with almost everyone. Ruled by the sun, the Geminis are versatile and down-to-earth people. Easily adapt and have fluid response to their surroundings environment. They are known to be spontaneous in their thinking and ideas but often change their mind quickly too and hence are considered to be pendulum-minded persons. They are good at expressing themselves and hence make good writers, reporters and orators, from gossip to politics, they are perfect at talking anytime, anywhere.


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