Gemini Personality Traits

Find out Gemini traits. Learn more about Gemini characteristics here.

Gemini Personality Traits

  • Gemini people have very good communication skills.

  • They are interactive and open to learning through other's experiences.

  • They are fickle-minded and their decisions do not last long.

  • Being fickle-minded, they lack loyalty and commitment.

  • They are often criticized for being elusive and inexperienced.

  • They are spontaneous in their actions.

  • They possess dexterity in their work and are clever at their thoughts.

  • They go easy with their emotions and are able to express them rightly.

  • They are well known by people around them for their intellect and ideas.

  • They are said to be associated with change and dissemination of energy.

  • Known for a good sense of humor and being courteous.

  • They are also renowned for their social presence and adding life to social functions.

  • They are rational in their logic and instinctive in their beliefs.

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